Slow cooker pork carnitas

Slow cooker pork carnitas

Written 4 months ago

Second only to Los Tacos Numero Uno in NYC. Fills 30x 13cm wide tortillas.


• 2 tbsp chili powder • 2 tbsp cumin powder • 4 tsp garlic powder • 2 tsp paprika • 2 tsp oregano • 2 tsp salt • 1 tsp black pepper • 2.2kg pork shoulder • Oil for searing • Corn tortillas • 150g grated cheddar cheese • 165g frozen sweetcorn


• Put a frying pan on high heat (7) and add a covering of oil. • When smoking hot, place in pork shoulder and sear all sides until at least golden brown (you can probably go further/longer than you think doing this) • Place pork shoulder in the slow cooker, and cover in seasoning, rolling so as to coat all sides. • Put slow cooker on low for 8 hours (6 • 7 may be sufficient) • Half way through cooking, flip over the shoulder, as the lower side cooks faster • Once done pull off approximately a chicken breasts worth in volume for each person, leaving the rest to stay warm. • Add servings of pork to a ceramic (lasagna) dish, with enough liquid/juice/fat to cover the bottom. Shred the pork to make an even layer in the dish • Crispify the pork by putting it under the broiler for around 15 minutes (check every 5 or so) at a temperature of 250°c (with fan). • Microwave the sweetcorn in a bowl until steaming • Remove pork from the broiler, and serve with corn tortillas, cheddar cheese and sweetcorn.

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