Garlic butter naan

Garlic butter naan

Written last year

Next level Naan (not Naan bread, because, fun fact, Naan actually means bread!). Makes 6x.


• 300g flour • 1 tbsp sugar • 1 tsp dried yeast • 1 tsp salt • 3 tbsp yoghurt • 2 tbsp olive oil • 3/4 cup warm water • Garlic butter (to brush on after)


• Combine flour, sugar, yeast and salt in a bowl • Combine yoghurt, olive oil and water in a stand mixer bowl • Add dry ingredients to wet, then knead on low with mixer until a dough starts to come together • Remove dough from bowl and knead until a soft springy dough is just formed • Lightly oil mixing bowl, and place dough in to double in size (approximately an hour) • Split dough into 6 equal parts • Roll out dough into a Naan sized oval • Heat large frying pan to medium high heat (7), dust off excess flour from Naan, and add dry on the pan until brown and bubbly. • Flip and cook until brown on the opposite side • Remove from pan and brush with garlic butter

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