Hi there!

I'm a Senior Android Developer and UI Designer, currently employed as a Software Specialist at Jayway. I'm entirely autodidact, with over 4 years professional experience under my belt. I pride myself on investing in products, not just writing code or putting in hours. If it's not making peoples lives better I don't see the point.

My core knowledge is in Android app development, but over the years that core has expanded into design, hardware and more. I've worked on many international projects, led teams of developers, and trained juniors in best practices.

Digital experiences are a passion for me, and if I'm not working on client projects I'm working on my own. Hardware, software, frontend, backend... My strongest skills are centered around Android, but there's no boundaries when it comes to what I'm learning in my free time.

Some of the projects I've worked on over the last 4 years:


Oredev — Developer Conference

The companion app for Øredev started as a side project with a few work colleagues. Intended to be an open source project showcasing the latest development practices like Kotlin, a GraphQL API, Bluetooth beacons, NFC tag integration, and the Android Instant App framework, the app is still in development. My contributions include the design of the app, and large portion of the codebase.


Jabra Sound+ — Headset Companion

Jabra is a division of the 150 year old GN Group. The Elite 65t true wireless headset was the flagship product of the new Sound+ app, which I joined a month into development. My biggest contribution was building the entire Alexa integration alongside another developer. The Amazon Alexa team laughed when they heard the deadline we had to hit, saying it wasn't possible. We not only finished and certified the integration for the convention, but the headset and app won a CES Innovation Award.


GoBoat — Sailing Companion

Goboat is a rapidly growing international startup, based in Copenhagen, offering electric rental boats powered by renewable energy. The Goboat app is built to replace the current kiosks with unmanned docks, and allows customers to locate, book and set sail with nothing but the app to guide them. I was project lead on the Android app, and managed the development until the 1.0 release.


DLG — Agricultural E-Commerce

The DLG Group is one of Europe's largest agricultural companies. Owned by 30,000 Danish farmers and with a turnover of 48.5 billion DKK. I joined the DLG project in February 2016 and went on to lead the development of the Android app, including the update that brought full tablet functionality to the 40+ screens of the app.


BeoPlay — BLE Speaker Companion

The BeoPlay app is a companion to B&O's entire BeoPlay Bluetooth speaker and headphone range, allowing remote playback control, a custom equaliser, and much more. Some of the highlights of my time on the project include travelling to China to work with the hardware developers, designing a full BLE stack, and the app being nominated for Best App Design in the Danish Internet Awards.


GoMore — Ridesharing/Car Rental

GoMore is a Danish Ridesharing website, boasting over 600,000 users and 71,000 cars posted for ridesharing or rental. My task was to update the core feature of the app; ridesharing, with a full flow and handling for car rental.


Listen To News — Audio News Feed

ListenToNews is a Copenhagen based company with the vision to bring the best news feeds to audio, for those with disabilities or simply too busy to keep up to date. My work on the project included a feature update to bring a private internal news feeds for companies and deeplinking throughout the app.


More to come...